1 gather /ˈgæðɚ/ verb
gathers; gathered; gathering
1 gather
gathers; gathered; gathering
Learner's definition of GATHER
[+ object]
: to bring (things or people) together into a group
: to choose and collect (things)
: to get or take (things) from different people or places and bring them together
[no object] : to come together to form a group
often + around or round
[+ object] : to get more of (something, such as speed) gradually
see also gathering dust at 1dust
[no object] : to increase in amount or strength
[+ object]
: to prepare yourself to use (your courage, strength, etc.) in order to do something difficult
: to prepare (yourself, your thoughts, etc.) before doing something difficult
not used in progressive tenses, [+ object] : to believe that something is probably true because of what you have heard or learned
[+ object] : to pull (someone or something) close to your body
[+ object] sewing : to pull (cloth) along a line of stitches to form folds

— gatherer

/ˈgæðɚrɚ/ noun, plural gatherers [count]
2 gather /ˈgæðɚ/ noun
plural gathers
2 gather
plural gathers
Learner's definition of GATHER
: a fold formed when cloth is pulled together usually plural