1 gas /ˈgæs/ noun
plural gases also gasses
1 gas
plural gases also gasses
Learner's definition of GAS
: a substance (such as oxygen or hydrogen) that is like air and has no fixed shape
see also laughing gas, mustard gas, natural gas, nerve gas, tear gas
[noncount] : a gas or mixture of gases that is burned as a fuel
[noncount] US : gas in your stomach and intestines that causes pain or discomfort
◊ To pass gas is to release intestinal gas from your anus.
[noncount] : gasoline
sometimes used figuratively
the gas informal : the accelerator pedal of a vehicle
◊ If you step on the gas or hit the gas, you suddenly press down on the accelerator to drive at a higher speed.
[singular] US, old-fashioned slang : a very enjoyable or funny person, event, etc.
2 gas /ˈgæs/ verb
gasses; gassed; gassing
2 gas
gasses; gassed; gassing
Learner's definition of GAS
[+ object] : to poison or kill (someone) with gas
US : to put gasoline in (a car, truck, etc.)
[+ object]
usually + up
[no object]
+ up
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