1 game /ˈgeɪm/ noun
plural games
1 game
plural games
Learner's definition of GAME
: a physical or mental activity or contest that has rules and that people do for pleasure
: a particular occurrence of a game
: one of the games that are part of a larger contest (such as a tennis match)
see also ball game, board game, fun and games, guessing game, parlor game, perfect game, return game, shell game, video game, game of chance at 1chance, game of skill at skill
games [plural]
: playful activities
or Games : an organized series of athletic contests
[singular] : the way someone plays in a sport
[count] : a skill that is used in playing a particular game or sport
: an activity that is being compared to a game or contest
see also waiting game, war game, the name of the game at 1name
: a type of work : a business or profession
see also war game
[count] : something that is not meant to be taken seriously
[count] : a usually dishonest or unfair plan for doing something
◊ To give the game away is to make a secret plan or activity known.
◊ If the game is up, a dishonest plan or activity has been discovered and will no longer be allowed to continue.
[noncount] : animals that are hunted often used before another noun
often used figuratively
see also big game

ahead of the game

: in a position or situation in which you are likely to succeed, win, etc.

early/late in the game

: at an early/late time in a game or sport
often used figuratively

got game

◊ In informal U.S. English, someone who has got game is very good at playing a particular game or sport, such as basketball.

head/mind games

: actions that are meant to confuse or upset someone in order to get an advantage

on the game

British, informal
: working as a prostitute

on/off your game

◊ If you are on your game, you are playing a sport or game well; if you are off your game, you are playing poorly.
◊ These phrases are also used figuratively.

play games

: to treat someone in a dishonest or unfair way in order to get an advantage
: to behave in a way that is not serious

the only game in town

: the only available, desirable, or valuable thing
2 game /ˈgeɪm/ adjective
gamer; gamest
2 game
gamer; gamest
Learner's definition of GAME
: willing or ready to do something
: showing a willingness to work hard, keep trying, etc. : showing determination

— gamely

adverb [more gamely; most gamely]