1 front /ˈfrʌnt/ noun
plural fronts
1 front
plural fronts
Learner's definition of FRONT
[count] : the forward part or surface of something : the part of something that is seen first usually singular
see also shop front, storefront
[count] : a place, position, or area that is most forward or is directly ahead usually singular
[count] : the part of your body that faces forward and includes your face and chest usually singular
[count] : the part of a book, magazine, etc., that includes the first few pages usually singular
[singular] : a way of behaving that is meant to hide your true feelings, thoughts, etc.
[count] : someone or something that hides or protects an illegal activity
: an area where military forces are fighting see also home front
: an area or field of activity usually singular
[count] weather : the place where two large areas of air that are of different temperatures come together see also cold front, warm front

front to back

of a piece of clothing
: with the front where the back should be

in front

: in a forward position : in an area at the front of something
: in the leading position in a race or competition
often used after out

in front of

: directly before or ahead of (something or someone)
: in the presence of (someone)

out front

: in the area directly before or ahead of something (such as a building)
: in the audience

united front

: a group of people or organizations that join together to achieve a shared goal

up front

: in or at the most forward position
informal : before beginning to do something : in advance
informal : in a direct and honest way
see also up-front
2 front /ˈfrʌnt/ adjective
2 front
Learner's definition of FRONT
always used before a noun
: of or relating to the front : located at the front
golf used to refer to the first 9 holes of an 18-hole golf course

front and center

: in the most important position or area
3 front /ˈfrʌnt/ verb
fronts; fronted; fronting
3 front
fronts; fronted; fronting
Learner's definition of FRONT
: to have the face or front toward (something)
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object]
: to be the leader or lead singer of (a musical group)
British : to host or present (a radio or TV program)
[+ object] US, informal : to give (someone) the money needed to do something (such as to start a business)