1 for /ˈfoɚ/ /fɚ/ preposition
1 for
/ˈfoɚ/ /fɚ/
Learner's definition of FOR
used to indicate the place someone or something is going to or toward
used to indicate the person or thing that something is sent or given to
used to indicate the thing that something is meant to be used with
used to indicate the person or type of person who should use or have something
used to indicate the use of something
used to indicate why something is done
used to indicate the person that a statement refers to often followed by to + verb
: in order to help or cause (something)
: in order to get (something)
: in favor of (someone or something)
: because of (something)
used to indicate the person or thing toward which feelings, thoughts, etc., are directed
used to indicate an amount of time or space
used to indicate the time when something happens or will happen
used to indicate the time that a statement refers to
: in place of (someone or something else) : instead of (someone or something else)
: as a representative of (someone)
: in order to help or serve (someone or something)
: in order to cure or treat (an illness, injury, disease, etc.)
used to indicate the amount or value of something
used to indicate the meaning of a word
used to indicate the food that is eaten at a meal
: as an employee, member, player, etc., of (something)
chiefly US : with the name of (someone)
used to indicate the parts of a list or series
used to refer to something that is surprising or unexpected when compared to something else
used to indicate the relationship between numbers or amounts that are being compared
used in various emphatic phrases

for all

: in spite of (something)
used in phrases like for all someone knows and for all someone cares to say that someone does not know, care, etc., about something

for ever (and ever)

see ever

for real

see 1real

if not for

see 1if

in for

: certain to experience (something)

in for it

informal or British for it
: certain to be punished

in order for

see 1order

not for (someone) to do something

: not the right or duty of (someone) to do something

once and for all

see 1once

that's/there's…for you

used to say that something is very good, very disappointing, or very common
2 for /ˈfoɚ/ /fɚ/ conjunction
2 for
/ˈfoɚ/ /fɚ/
Learner's definition of FOR
formal + literary
: because used to introduce a statement that explains why a preceding statement is true