1 flow /ˈfloʊ/ verb
flows; flowed; flowing
1 flow
flows; flowed; flowing
Learner's definition of FLOW
[no object]
of liquid, gas, or electricity : to move in a steady and continuous way
often used figuratively
: to move in a continuous and smooth way
: to move, come, or go continuously in one direction
: to proceed in a smooth and easy way
of a drink : to be drunk freely
: to hang down in a loose and graceful way
: to be caused or produced by something : to come from something
of a tide : to move in toward the land : rise

— flowing

2 flow /ˈfloʊ/ noun
plural flows
2 flow
plural flows
Learner's definition of FLOW
[singular] : an act of flowing : the movement of something that is flowing
[count] : a large area of mud or some other material that is flowing or that was formed by flowing
[noncount] : the amount of something that flows in a certain time see also cash flow

ebb and flow

see 1ebb

go against the flow

: to do things that do not agree with what most other people are doing

go with the flow

: to relax and accept what is happening without trying to change things or do something different or difficult

in full flow

chiefly British
used to describe someone who is talking continuously in a very enthusiastic way
used to describe the time when something is most active, successful, etc.