1 floor /ˈfloɚ/ noun
plural floors
1 floor
plural floors
Learner's definition of FLOOR
[count] : the part of a room on which you stand
: the lower inside surface of something (such as a vehicle)
: the area of ground at the bottom of something usually singular
[count] : a level in a building
see also first floor, ground floor
[count] : a large indoor space where people gather for some activity usually singular
[singular] : the people who are gathered in a place for a public meeting
[count] : a lower limit usually singular
opposite ceiling

have the floor

: to have the right to speak at a public meeting

hold the floor

: to be the person who is speaking at a public meeting

on the cutting-room floor

see cutting room

take the floor

: to begin speaking at a public meeting
: to go out onto a dance floor to begin dancing

wipe the floor with

see 1wipe
2 floor /ˈfloɚ/ verb
floors; floored; flooring
2 floor
floors; floored; flooring
Learner's definition of FLOOR
[+ object]
: to cover (a surface) with material to make a floor usually used as (be) floored
: to knock (someone) to the floor or ground
informal : to surprise, shock or amaze (someone) very much often used as (be) floored
US, informal : to press (the accelerator of a vehicle) to the floor usually used in the phrase floor it
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