1 flesh /ˈflɛʃ/ noun
1 flesh
Learner's definition of FLESH
: the soft parts of the body of an animal or person
: the skin of a person
: parts of an animal used as food : meat
: the soft part of a fruit that is eaten
: the physical nature of a person rather than the mind or spirit
see also the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak at 1spirit

a thorn in the/your flesh

see thorn

flesh and blood

: a human being often used when talking about human weakness
: someone who is closely related to you : a person in your family usually used in the phrase your own flesh and blood

go the way of all flesh

: to die

in the flesh

◊ If you see someone in the flesh, you see that person directly rather than in a picture, on television, etc.

pound of flesh

see 1pound

press the flesh

see 2press
2 flesh /ˈflɛʃ/ verb
fleshes; fleshed; fleshing
2 flesh
fleshes; fleshed; fleshing
Learner's definition of FLESH

flesh out

[phrasal verb]
flesh (something) out or flesh out (something)
: to provide more information about (something) : to make (something) more complete by adding details