1 fiddle /ˈfɪdl̟/ noun
plural fiddles
1 fiddle
plural fiddles
Learner's definition of FIDDLE
[count] informal

fit as a fiddle

see 1fit

play second fiddle

: to have a less important position or status than someone or something else : to be regarded or treated as less important
often + to
2 fiddle /ˈfɪdl̟/ verb
fiddles; fiddled; fiddling /ˈfɪdlɪŋ/
2 fiddle
fiddles; fiddled; fiddling /ˈfɪdlɪŋ/
Learner's definition of FIDDLE
[no object] informal : to play a violin used especially to describe playing folk music, country music, etc., on a violin
[+ object] chiefly British, informal : to secretly change (something, such as information) in a harmful or dishonest way

fiddle around

[phrasal verb] or chiefly British fiddle about
: to spend time in activity that does not have a real purpose

fiddle with

[phrasal verb]
fiddle with (something)
: to move or handle (something) with your hands or fingers in a nervous way
: to change or handle (something, such as the controls of a machine) in a way that shows you are not sure what to do
: to change (something) in a harmful or foolish way

— fiddler

/ˈfɪdl̟ɚ/ noun, plural fiddlers [count]