1 fat /ˈfæt/ adjective
fatter; fattest
1 fat
fatter; fattest
Learner's definition of FAT
: having a lot of extra flesh on your body : having a lot of body fat
Fat can be an insulting word when it is used to describe a person.
opposite 1thin
: having a full, rounded form
◊ A fat lip is a lip that is swollen because of injury, especially from being punched.
: unusually wide or thick
informal : containing, providing, or costing a large amount of money
informal + disapproving : successful or wealthy
baseball : easy to hit

big fat

used for emphasis

fat chance

see 1chance

it ain't over until/till the fat lady sings

see lady
2 fat /ˈfæt/ noun
plural fats
2 fat
plural fats
Learner's definition of FAT
[noncount] : the soft flesh on the bodies of people and animals that helps keep the body warm and is used to store energy
see also baby fat
: an oily solid or liquid substance in food
see also deep fat
[noncount] : an amount that is more than what is usual or needed : excess

chew the fat

see 1chew

live off/on the fat of the land

◊ To live off/on the fat of the land is to live very well, enjoying the best things that are available without having to work hard to get those things.
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