1 fake /ˈfeɪk/ adjective
1 fake
Learner's definition of FAKE
: not true or real : meant to look real or genuine but not real or genuine
2 fake /ˈfeɪk/ noun
plural fakes
2 fake
plural fakes
Learner's definition of FAKE
: a copy of something that is meant to look like the real thing in order to trick people
: a person who pretends to have some special knowledge or ability or pretends to be someone else
US, sports : a movement (such as a pretended kick, pass, or step) that is meant to trick an opponent
3 fake /ˈfeɪk/ verb
fakes; faked; faking
3 fake
fakes; faked; faking
Learner's definition of FAKE
[+ object]
: to make (something) seem real or true in order to trick someone
: to change (something) in order to trick people
: to make a copy of (something) in order to trick people
US, sports
[+ object] : to pretend to do (something) in order to trick an opponent
[+ object] : to trick (an opponent) by pretending to do something
often + out
[no object] : to make a false movement in order to deceive an opponent
[+ object] : to pretend to know or to be able to do (something)

fake it

: to pretend to be something that you are not or to have some knowledge or ability that you do not really have

fake out

[phrasal verb]
fake (someone) out or fake out (someone) chiefly US, informal
: to deliberately deceive (someone) : fool
see also 3fake 2b (above)

— faker

noun, plural fakers [count]
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