1 exact /ɪgˈzækt/ adjective
1 exact
Learner's definition of EXACT
: fully and completely correct or accurate
[more exact; most exact] : very careful and accurate

exact opposite

: the complete opposite

exact same

or US same exact
used as a more forceful way to say “same”

to be exact

used to indicate that a statement is accurate and specific

— exactness

noun [noncount]
2 exact /ɪgˈzækt/ verb
exacts; exacted; exacting
2 exact
exacts; exacted; exacting
Learner's definition of EXACT
[+ object] formal
: to demand and get (something, such as payment or revenge) especially by using force or threats
used in phrases like exact a terrible toll and exact a high/heavy price to say that something has caused a lot of suffering, loss, etc.