1 edge /ˈɛʤ/ noun
plural edges
1 edge
plural edges
Learner's definition of EDGE
: the line or part where an object or area begins or ends
: the part of a blade that cuts
: the sharpness of a blade
: a harsh or unkind quality
: force or effectiveness
: an advantage over others
see also cutting edge, leading edge

close to the edge

or on the edge
◊ Someone who lives (life) on the edge or lives close to the edge often deals with dangerous situations and takes many risks.

on edge

: feeling nervous : not calm or relaxed

on the edge of

: very close to (something)

on the edge of your seat

◊ If you are on the edge of your seat, you are watching or listening to something with great interest especially because you do not know what is going to happen.

on the ragged edge

see ragged

over the edge

: into a mental or emotional state that makes someone completely lose control

razor/razor's edge

see razor

set your teeth on edge

see tooth

take the edge off

: to make (something) weaker or less severe

— edged

/ˈɛʤd/ adjective
see also two-edged
2 edge /ˈɛʤ/ verb
edges; edged; edging
2 edge
edges; edged; edging
Learner's definition of EDGE
[+ object]
: to give an edge to (something) usually used as (be) edged
: to be on the edge of (something) usually used as (be) edged
always followed by an adverb or preposition : to move slowly or with small movements in a specified direction
[no object]
[+ object]
[+ object] : to defeat (someone) by a small amount
usually + out

edge out

[phrasal verb]
edge (someone or something) out or edge out (someone or something)
: to slowly become more successful, popular, etc., than (someone or something)
see also 2edge 3 (above)