1 earth /ˈɚθ/ noun
1 earth
Learner's definition of EARTH
[singular] or Earth : the planet on which we live
[noncount] : land as opposed to the sea, the air, etc.
[noncount] : the material in which plants grow : soil
[count] British : 1ground 10
[singular] chiefly British, informal : a large amount of money

(a) heaven on earth

see heaven

move heaven and earth

see 1move

on earth

: in the world
used to make a question more forceful

promise someone the earth

see 2promise

the ends of the earth

see 1end

the salt of the earth

see 1salt
2 earth /ˈɚθ/ verb
earths; earthed; earthing
2 earth
earths; earthed; earthing
Learner's definition of EARTH
[+ object] British
: 2ground 5