1 duck /ˈdʌk/ noun
plural ducks
1 duck
plural ducks
Learner's definition of DUCK
[count] : any one of many different kinds of birds that swim and have a flat beak, a short neck, a heavy body, short legs, and webbed feet often used before another noun see color picture on this page
[count] : a female duck compare drake
[noncount] : the meat of a duck used as food
[count] informal : a person who you think is lucky, unusual, etc.
British, informal or ducks used to address someone you love

like a duck to water

: very quickly or easily

water off a duck's back

see 1water
2 duck /ˈdʌk/ verb
ducks; ducked; ducking
2 duck
ducks; ducked; ducking
Learner's definition of DUCK
[no object] : to lower your head or body suddenly to avoid being seen or hit often + down
[+ object] : to lower (your head) suddenly
[+ object] : to avoid (something, such as a punch) by lowering your head or body suddenly
[+ object] : to avoid (something or someone you do not want to see or deal with)
always followed by an adverb or preposition, [no object] : to move quickly
[+ object] British : to push (someone or something) underwater : dunk

duck out

[phrasal verb] informal
: to leave suddenly and usually without telling anyone that you are leaving often + on or of
often used figuratively
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