1 dry /ˈdraɪ/ adjective
drier; driest
1 dry
drier; driest
Learner's definition of DRY
[also more dry; most dry]
: having no or very little water or liquid
: no longer wet
: having no rain or little rain
: not having the usual or desired amount of moisture
: having the moisture removed by cooking or some other process
: not producing a wet substance
◊ If there is not a dry eye in the house/room (etc.), everyone in a place is emotional or is affected deeply by something.
: no longer producing water, oil, etc.
often used figuratively
: served or eaten without butter, jam, etc.
of wine, sherry, etc. : not sweet
: not interesting, exciting, or emotional
: funny or clever but expressed in a quiet or serious way
: not having or offering alcoholic beverages
: not allowing alcoholic beverages
: not drinking alcoholic beverages

high and dry

see 2high

home and dry

see 2home

keep your powder dry

see 1powder

milk/bleed/suck (someone or something) dry

: to take or use up everything from (someone or something)

— dryness

noun [noncount]
2 dry /ˈdraɪ/ verb
dries; dried; drying
2 dry
dries; dried; drying
Learner's definition of DRY
[+ object] : to remove water or moisture from (something or someone) : to make (something or someone) dry
[no object] : to make plates, dishes, pots, etc., dry by rubbing them with a towel
[no object] : to become dry
see also air-dry, drip-dry, freeze-dry

dry off

[phrasal verb]
: to become dry
: to make your body dry
dry off (someone or something) or dry (someone or something) off : to make (someone or something) dry

dry out

[phrasal verb]
: to become dry
dry out (something) or dry (something) out : to make (something) dry
informal : to stop using drugs or alcohol for a period of time especially by going to a special kind of hospital

dry up

[phrasal verb]
: to become completely dry
dry up (something) or dry (something) up : to make (something) dry
informal : to go away or disappear completely
dry up (something) or dry (something) up : to cause the supply of (something) to go away or disappear
informal + impolite used as a command to tell someone to stop talking

hang (someone or something) out to dry

see hang out at 1hang