1 drink /ˈdrɪŋk/ verb
drinks; drank /ˈdræŋk/ ; drunk /ˈdrʌŋk/ ; drinking
1 drink
drinks; drank /ˈdræŋk/ ; drunk /ˈdrʌŋk/ ; drinking
Learner's definition of DRINK
: to take a liquid into your mouth and swallow it
[no object]
[+ object]
[no object] : to drink alcohol
◊ Someone who drinks like a fish regularly drinks too much alcohol.
[+ object] : to put (yourself) into a specified state by drinking alcohol
see also drink someone under the table at 1table

drink in

[phrasal verb]
drink in (something) or drink (something) in
: to stop and look at or listen to something in order to enjoy it fully

drink to

[phrasal verb]
drink to (someone or something)
: to speak words that honor or express good wishes for (someone or something) and then take a drink : to make a toast to (someone)
I'll drink to that! means that you agree completely with something that someone has said.

drink up

[phrasal verb]
drink up or drink up (something) or drink (something) up
: to drink all of (something)

— drinking

noun [noncount]
often used before another noun
2 drink /ˈdrɪŋk/ noun
plural drinks
2 drink
plural drinks
Learner's definition of DRINK
: a liquid that you can drink : beverage
see also soft drink
[count] : an alcoholic beverage
[noncount] : the habit or practice of drinking a lot of alcohol
see also demon drink, mixed drink
[singular] : an act of drinking
[count] : an amount of liquid for drinking

the drink

: an area of water (such as a lake or pond)