1 dot /ˈdɑːt/ noun
plural dots
1 dot
plural dots
Learner's definition of DOT
: a small round mark
see also polka dot
: a small spot : a small area that is different in color from the main part
: a short signal (such as a sound or a flash of light) that represents a letter or a part of a letter in Morse code
compare 2dash 7

connect the dots

see connect

on the dot

: exactly at a particular time

since the year dot

see year
2 dot /ˈdɑːt/ verb
dots; dotted; dotting
2 dot
dots; dotted; dotting
Learner's definition of DOT
[+ object]
: to mark (something) with a dot
◊ If you dot the/your i's and cross the/your t's, you make sure that all of the small details in something have been completed.
: to appear at many different places on the surface of (something)
: to put a small amount of something on different parts of (a surface)