1 dish /ˈdɪʃ/ noun
plural dishes
1 dish
plural dishes
Learner's definition of DISH
: a shallow container that you cook or serve food in
specifically : a shallow bowl
: the food served in a dish
[count] : food that is prepared in a particular way
dishes [plural] : all the things (such as plates, forks, glasses, pans, cooking utensils, etc.) that are used to prepare, serve, and eat a meal
: a shallow container that holds something other than food
: something that is shaped like a shallow bowl
see also petri dish, satellite dish
[singular] informal + old-fashioned : a sexually attractive person
2 dish /ˈdɪʃ/ verb
dishes; dished; dishing
2 dish
dishes; dished; dishing
Learner's definition of DISH
[no object] slang
: to talk about the personal life of someone else : gossip

dish out

[phrasal verb]
dish out (something) also dish (something) out informal
: to serve (food)
: to give (something) freely or in large amounts
dish it out : to criticize other people

dish (the) dirt

see dirt

dish up

[phrasal verb]
dish up (something) also dish (something) up informal
: to put (food) into a dish or dishes for serving or eating sometimes used figuratively