1 dip /ˈdɪp/ verb
dips; dipped; dipping
1 dip
dips; dipped; dipping
Learner's definition of DIP
[+ object]
: to put (something) into a liquid and pull it out again quickly usually + in or into
: to move (something) into and out of something + in or into
[+ object] : to lift (liquid) out from a container
: to move downward
[no object]
[+ object]
[no object] : to decrease somewhat usually for a short time
[+ object] British : to reduce the amount of light coming from (headlights)
[+ object] : to put (an animal) into a liquid containing a chemical that kills insects

dip into

[phrasal verb]
dip into (something)
: to take out an amount of money from (something)
: to use part of (something)
: to read parts of (something) in a casual or brief way see also 1dip 1 (above)
2 dip /ˈdɪp/ noun
plural dips
2 dip
plural dips
Learner's definition of DIP
[count] : a brief swim
[count] : a low place in a surface
[count] : a decrease that continues usually for a short time
[count] : an amount of something (such as food) that is taken by dipping into a container
: a sauce or soft mixture into which food (such as raw vegetables) may be dipped
[count, noncount] : a liquid into which an animal is dipped in order to kill insects
[count] US slang : a stupid person
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