1 diminutive /dəˈmɪnjətɪv/ adjective
1 diminutive
Learner's definition of DIMINUTIVE
[more diminutive; most diminutive] : very small
linguistics : indicating small size
◊ A diminutive word or suffix is usually used in describing something small, often with the added suggestion that it is appealing or lovable in some way.

— diminutiveness

noun [noncount]
2 diminutive /dəˈmɪnjətɪv/ noun
plural diminutives
2 diminutive
plural diminutives
Learner's definition of DIMINUTIVE
: a word or suffix that indicates that something is small
: an informal form of a name
Diminutives can be a shortened form of a name (such as “Jen” for “Jennifer” and “Dick” for “Richard”) or a name with a diminutive suffix added to it (such as “Bobby” for “Bob”).