1 deck /ˈdɛk/ noun
plural decks
1 deck
plural decks
Learner's definition of DECK
: a flat surface that forms the main outside floor of a boat or ship
◊ When you are below deck or below decks, you are in the section of a boat or ship that is under the deck.
◊ The phrase all hands on deck is used to call all people on a boat or ship to the deck to do work that must be done.
: one of the levels on a bus, ship, etc.
: one of the seating levels in a sports stadium
[count] chiefly US : a wood structure that has a floor but no walls or roof, is attached to a house or other building, and is used for sitting and relaxing
see picture at house
[count] chiefly US : a complete set of playing cards : a group of 52 playing cards
called also pack
◊ In informal U.S. English, someone who is not playing with a full deck is not able to think or act in a normal way.
[count] : tape deck

clear the decks

also clear the deck
: to get ready for action or for something new : to get rid of something to make room for something else

hit the deck

see 1hit

on deck

baseball : waiting to bat next
informal : next in a series
see also 1deck 1 (above)
2 deck /ˈdɛk/ verb
decks; decked; decking
2 deck
decks; decked; decking
Learner's definition of DECK
[+ object]
: to decorate (something)
see also decked out 2 (below)
informal : to knock (someone) down by hitting very hard

decked out

: dressed in a very fancy way often + in
: decorated in a fancy way often + with