1 dash /ˈdæʃ/ verb
dashes; dashed; dashing
1 dash
dashes; dashed; dashing
Learner's definition of DASH
[no object] : to run or move quickly or suddenly
often + off
always followed by an adverb or preposition
[no object] : to hit something in a violent and forceful way
[+ object] : to break or destroy (something) by throwing or hitting it against something
[+ object] : to destroy or ruin (something, such as a hope or an expectation)

dash it (all)

British, informal + old-fashioned
used in speech to express anger, frustration, etc.

dash off

[phrasal verb]
dash off (something) or dash (something) off
: to write (something) in a very quick and hurried way see also 1dash 1 (above)
2 dash /ˈdæʃ/ noun
plural dashes
2 dash
plural dashes
Learner's definition of DASH
[count] : a punctuation mark — that is used especially to show a break in thought or in the structure of a sentence (as in “We don't know where—or how—the problem began.”)
[count] : a small amount of something that is added to something else usually singular usually + of
[singular] : the act of running or moving quickly or suddenly in a particular direction or to a particular place
[count] : a short, fast race
[noncount] old-fashioned : a way of behaving that is full of energy and spirit
[count] : a long signal (such as a sound or a flash of light) that represents a letter or part of a letter in Morse code
compare 1dot 3

cut a dash

British, informal + old-fashioned
: to look attractive in the clothes you are wearing