1 dance /ˈdæns/ Brit /ˈdɑːns/ verb
dances; danced; dancing
1 dance
/ˈdæns/ Brit /ˈdɑːns/
dances; danced; dancing
Learner's definition of DANCE
[no object] : to move your body in a way that goes with the rhythm and style of music that is being played
[+ object] : to move with and guide (someone) as music plays : to dance with (someone)
[+ object] : to perform (a particular type of dance)
[no object] : to perform as a dancer
[no object] : to move quickly up and down, from side to side, etc.

dance to someone's tune

: to do what someone wants or forces you to do

— dancer

noun, plural dancers [count]

— dancing


— dancing

noun [noncount]
see also ballroom dancing, break dancing, lap dancing
2 dance /ˈdæns/ Brit /ˈdɑːns/ noun
plural dances
2 dance
/ˈdæns/ Brit /ˈdɑːns/
plural dances
Learner's definition of DANCE
[count] : a series of movements that are done as music is playing : a way of dancing
often used before another noun
see also barn dance, belly dance, line dance, square dance, tap dance, war dance
[count] : an act of dancing
[noncount] : the art or activity of dancing
[count] : a social event at which people dance
[count] : a song or piece of music (such as a waltz) to which people dance see also song and dance

lead someone a (merry) dance

see 1lead