1 crowd /ˈkraʊd/ verb
crowds; crowded; crowding
1 crowd
crowds; crowded; crowding
Learner's definition of CROWD
[+ object] : to fill (something) so that there is little or no room for anyone or anything else : to take up much or most of the space in (an area or space)
[+ object] : to push or force (something) into a small space
[no object] : to move into a small space + into or onto
[+ object] : to form a tight group around (something or someone)
[+ object] chiefly US : to stand very close or too close to (someone or something)
sometimes used figuratively

crowd around/round

[phrasal verb]
crowd around/round or crowd around/round (something)
: to form a tight group around (something or someone)

crowded together

◊ If a group of people or things are crowded together, they are next to and usually touching each other in a space that is too small.

crowd in

[phrasal verb]
: to move as a group into a small space
of thoughts, memories, etc. : to come into your mind : to occupy your thinking often + on

crowd out

[phrasal verb]
crowd out (something or someone) or crowd (something or someone) out
: to push, move, or force (something or someone) out of a place or situation by filling its space
2 crowd /ˈkraʊd/ noun
plural crowds
2 crowd
plural crowds
Learner's definition of CROWD
[count] : a large group of people who are together in one place
the crowd : ordinary people : people who are not special or unusual
◊ Someone who is just another face in the crowd is not famous or well-known.
◊ Someone or something that stands out from the crowd is unusual in a good way.
◊ Someone who follows the crowd or goes with the crowd does whatever most other people are doing.
[singular] : a group of people who spend time together or have something in common
usually used with the

join the crowd

: to become part of a larger group : to do what most other people are doing
informal used to say that the problems or feelings someone is having are problems or feelings that you have had yourself

two's company, three's a crowd

see company