1 courtesy /ˈkɚtəsi/ noun
plural courtesies
1 courtesy
plural courtesies
Learner's definition of COURTESY
[noncount] : polite behavior that shows respect for other people
: something that you do because it is polite, kind, etc.
: something that you say to be polite especially when you meet someone

courtesy of

◊ If you say that something has been provided through the courtesy of or (by) courtesy of a person, organization, business, etc., you are politely saying that they paid for it, gave it, or let it be used.
◊ The word courtesy is sometimes used informally by itself in this way.
◊ The phrase courtesy of is sometimes also used informally to indicate the cause of something.
2 courtesy /ˈkɚtəsi/ adjective
2 courtesy
Learner's definition of COURTESY
always used before a noun
: done in order to be polite
: provided for free