1 correct /kəˈrɛkt/ adjective
1 correct
Learner's definition of CORRECT
: true or accurate : agreeing with facts : right
: having no errors or mistakes
: proper or appropriate in a particular situation
[more correct; most correct] sometimes disapproving : considered proper by people with a strict set of beliefs or values
see also politically correct
[more correct; most correct] somewhat old-fashioned : careful about behaving in a polite and socially accepted way

— correctly


— correctness

noun [noncount]
2 correct /kəˈrɛkt/ verb
corrects; corrected; correcting
2 correct
corrects; corrected; correcting
Learner's definition of CORRECT
[+ object] : to change (something) so that it is right, true, proper, etc. : to make (something) correct
◊ To correct someone is to say that someone has made a mistake and to give the correct information.
◊ The phrase I stand corrected is a somewhat formal way of saying that you have learned that you were wrong about something.
[+ object] : to mark the errors on (something that a person has written)
[+ object] : to deal with or take care of (a problem, bad situation, etc.) successfully
: to make an amount or number more accurate by considering other information usually + for
[no object]
[+ object]

— correctable

/kəˈrɛktəbəl/ adjective