1 corner /ˈkoɚnɚ/ noun
plural corners
1 corner
plural corners
Learner's definition of CORNER
: the point or area where two lines, edges, or sides of something meet
: the place where two streets or roads meet
: a curve in a road
see also (just) around the corner (below), turn the corner (below)
: the side of your mouth or eye
: one of four parts of a boxing ring where the sides meet
often used figuratively to describe people, groups, etc., that are opposing or fighting each other
◊ Someone who gives you help and support is in your corner.
: a place that is private or secret or that few people know about or visit often used figuratively
: a place that is far away
: a position that you cannot easily get out of : a difficult situation
soccer : corner kick

cut corners

often disapproving
: to save time or money by doing less than you usually do or than you should do

have/get a corner on

: to have or get enough of (something) to be able to control its price often used figuratively

(just) around the corner

: coming or happening very soon

turn the corner

: to get past the most difficult area or period in something and begin to improve
2 corner /ˈkoɚnɚ/ adjective
2 corner
Learner's definition of CORNER
always used before a noun
: located at a corner
3 corner /ˈkoɚnɚ/ verb
corners; cornered; cornering
3 corner
corners; cornered; cornering
Learner's definition of CORNER
[+ object]
: to force (a person or animal) into a place or position from which escape is very difficult or impossible
: to force (someone who wants to avoid you or get away from you) to stop and talk with you
[+ object] : to get control of a particular type of product that is being bought and sold used in the phrase corner the market
sometimes used figuratively
[no object] of a vehicle : to turn a corner