1 corn /ˈkoɚn/ noun
1 corn
Learner's definition of CORN
: a tall plant that produces yellow seeds (called kernels) that are eaten as a vegetable, used to produce many food products, and used as food for animals
called also (US) Indian corn, maize
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: the seeds of the corn plant eaten as a vegetable
called also (British) sweetcorn
British, somewhat old-fashioned : a plant (such as wheat or barley) that produces seeds which are used for food
also : the seeds of such a plant : grain
US, informal : something (such as writing, music, or acting) that is old-fashioned and silly or sentimental : something that is corny
compare 2corn
2 corn /ˈkoɚn/ noun
plural corns
2 corn
plural corns
Learner's definition of CORN
: a painful hard spot on the skin of the foot
compare 1corn