1 core /ˈkoɚ/ noun
plural cores
1 core
plural cores
Learner's definition of CORE
: the central part of a fruit (such as an apple) that contains the seeds see color picture on this page
: the central part of something
: the most important or basic part of something
see also hard core
technical : a part that has been removed from a material for scientific study
technical : the place in a nuclear reactor where the reaction takes place

to the core

: in a very complete or extreme way used for emphasis
2 core /ˈkoɚ/ adjective
2 core
Learner's definition of CORE
always used before a noun
: most important or most basic
: of or relating to the classes that all the students in a school are required to take or the skills that all students are required to learn
3 core /ˈkoɚ/ verb
cores; cored; coring
3 core
cores; cored; coring
Learner's definition of CORE
[+ object]

— corer

noun, plural corers [count]