1 cord /ˈkoɚd/ noun
plural cords
1 cord
plural cords
Learner's definition of CORD
: a long, thin material that is usually thicker than a string but thinner than a rope
see also bungee cord, rip cord
[count] : an electrical wire that is wrapped in a protective covering and used to connect a device to a power source
called also (British) flex
see also extension cord
[count] : a part of the body that is like a string or rope see also spinal cord, umbilical cord, vocal cords
[count] US : an amount of wood that has been cut for burning in a fireplace, stove, etc. : a pile that contains 128 cubic feet of firewood compare cordwood
cords [plural] : pants made of corduroy
2 cord /ˈkoɚd/ adjective
2 cord
Learner's definition of CORD