1 common /ˈkɑːmən/ adjective
1 common
Learner's definition of COMMON
: belonging to or shared by two or more people or groups
see also common ground, common knowledge at knowledge
[or more common; most common] commoner; -est
: done by many people
: occurring or appearing frequently : not rare
: of a type that is regularly seen and not considered special or unique
: without special rank or status
: not having power, wealth, or high status
see also common sense
: expected from polite and decent people
[or more common; most common] British, old-fashioned + disapproving commoner; commonest : of or belonging to a low social class


chiefly British, informal
: not unusual : garden-variety

— commonly

adverb [more commonly; most commonly]

— commonness

/ˈkɑːmənnəs/ noun [noncount]
2 common /ˈkɑːmən/ noun
plural commons
2 common
plural commons
Learner's definition of COMMON
[count] : a public area or park usually in the center of a town or city
commons US : a place where meals are served at a school, college, etc.
the Commons : house of commons

in common

: shared together
◊ People who have something in common share interests, beliefs, attitudes, opinions, etc.
◊ Things that have something in common share features or characteristics.