1 comb /ˈkoʊm/ noun
plural combs
1 comb
plural combs
Learner's definition of COMB
: a flat piece of plastic or metal with a row of thin teeth that is used for making hair neat see picture at grooming
: a device that is used for separating or straightening fibers (such as wool fibers)
: a soft part on top of the head of some birds (such as chickens)

go over/through with a fine-tooth comb

see fine-tooth comb
2 comb /ˈkoʊm/ verb
combs; combed; combing
2 comb
combs; combed; combing
Learner's definition of COMB
[+ object] : to smooth, arrange, or separate (hair or fibers) with a comb
: to search (something) very thoroughly in order to find something
[+ object]
[no object]
usually + through

comb out

[phrasal verb]
comb out (hair) or comb (hair) out
: to make (hair) neat and smooth with a comb
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