1 clock /ˈklɑːk/ noun
plural clocks
1 clock
plural clocks
Learner's definition of CLOCK
[count] : a device that shows what time it is and that is usually placed in a room or attached to a wall
often used before another noun
compare watch; see also alarm clock, atomic clock, biological clock, body clock, cuckoo clock, grandfather clock
the clock : a clock that is used in sports and that shows how much time remains for a particular part of a game
◊ In U.S. English, to eat up the clock or run out the clock or kill the clock is to keep control of the ball or puck near the end of a game so that your opponent will not have a chance to score.
see also shot clock
the clock : time clock
the clock chiefly British, informal : a device that shows how far a vehicle has traveled : odometer

against the clock

: in order to do or finish something before a particular time
◊ If a race is against the clock, the time of each racer is measured and the racer with the fastest time wins.

around the clock

also round the clock
: throughout the entire day and night : every hour of the day

beat the clock

: to do or finish something quickly before a particular time

put/turn back the clock

also put/turn the clock back
: to return to a condition that existed in the past
2 clock /ˈklɑːk/ verb
clocks; clocked; clocking
2 clock
clocks; clocked; clocking
Learner's definition of CLOCK
[+ object]
: to measure the amount of time it takes for (a person) to do something or for (something) to be completed usually + at
: to finish a race in (an amount of time)
[+ object] : to measure or show (the speed of something) with a measuring device
[no object] : to have a particular speed or to continue for a particular amount of time + in
[+ object] informal : to hit (someone or something) very hard
[+ object] British, informal : to look at or notice (someone or something)

clock in/on

[phrasal verb] chiefly British
: to record on a special card the time that you start working

clock off/out

[phrasal verb] chiefly British
: to record on a special card the time that you stop working

clock up

[phrasal verb]
clock up (something) chiefly British
: to gain or reach (a particular number or amount)
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