1 cheap /ˈtʃiːp/ adjective
cheaper; cheapest
1 cheap
cheaper; cheapest
Learner's definition of CHEAP
: not costing a lot of money
see also dirt cheap
: of low quality : not worth a lot of money
: charging low prices
: not willing to share or spend money
often + with
: not hard to do or get
: having little or no self-respect : ashamed of being used, abused, etc., by other people

on the cheap

: at the lowest possible cost : in a cheap way

— cheaply

adverb [more cheaply; most cheaply]

— cheapness

noun [noncount]
2 cheap /ˈtʃiːp/ adverb
2 cheap
Learner's definition of CHEAP
: at a low cost
: for a low price

come cheap

: to be available at a low price usually used in negative statements