1 charm /ˈtʃɑɚm/ noun
plural charms
1 charm
plural charms
Learner's definition of CHARM
[count] : something that is believed to have magic powers and especially to prevent bad luck
[count] : a small object that is worn on a chain or bracelet see color picture on this page
: a quality that causes someone or something to be very likeable : an attractive quality

the third time is the charm

see 1third

work like a charm

: to produce a desired result very easily and effectively : to work very well

— charmless

adjective [more charmless; most charmless]
2 charm /ˈtʃɑɚm/ verb
charms; charmed; charming
2 charm
charms; charmed; charming
Learner's definition of CHARM
[+ object]
: to put a spell on (someone or something)
: to cause (someone) to like you or to do what you want by being nice, friendly, etc.
: to attract (someone) by being beautiful or welcoming

— charmer

noun, plural charmers [count]
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