1 case /ˈkeɪs/ noun
plural cases
1 case
plural cases
Learner's definition of CASE
[count] : a situation or occurrence that is an instance or example of something
[count] : a situation that is being investigated or managed by someone (such as a police officer or social worker) in an official way
[count] grammar : a form of a noun, pronoun, or adjective showing its relationship to other words in a sentence
the case : what actually exists or happens
[count] law : a situation that will be talked about and decided in court
◊ The phrase I rest my case can be used to say that you have finished an argument or to suggest that something proves that what you are saying is true.
see also test case
[count] : a convincing argument
: an occurrence of a disease or an injury
: an occurrence of discomfort, fear, etc.
[singular] : a particular person and his or her condition or character see also basket case, head case

in any case

used to indicate that something is true or certain regardless of what else has happened or been said

in case

: for the purpose of being ready for something that might happen
used to talk about something that might have happened or that might be true

in case of

: if (something) happens

in that case

: when that is considered : because of that

on/off your case

◊ Someone who is always or frequently criticizing you or telling you what to do is on your case and won't get off your case.
compare 2case
2 case /ˈkeɪs/ noun
plural cases
2 case
plural cases
Learner's definition of CASE
: a box or container to hold something see also carrying case
: the contents of a box
compare 1case
3 case /ˈkeɪs/ verb
cases; cased; casing
3 case
cases; cased; casing
Learner's definition of CASE
[+ object]
: to study or watch (a house, store, etc.) with plans to rob it often used in the phrase case the joint