1 carry /ˈkeri/ verb
carries; carried; carrying
1 carry
carries; carried; carrying
Learner's definition of CARRY
[+ object] : to move (something) while holding and supporting it
sometimes used figuratively
[+ object] : to contain and direct the flow of (water, electricity, etc.)
[+ object] : to have (something) with you or on your body
[+ object] : to be able to give (a disease or a gene) to others even though you may not be affected by it
[+ object] : to be pregnant with (a baby)
[+ object] : to hold (your body or your head) in a particular way
[+ object]
: to have (something) in a store and ready to be sold : to keep (something) in stock
: to have (someone or something) on a list or record
[+ object]
: to have (something) as a quality or characteristic
: to be marked or labeled with (something)
[+ object] : to have (something) as a result or consequence
often + with
[+ object] : to have (something) as a duty or responsibility
[+ object] : to be responsible for the success of (something or someone)
[+ object] : to make (something) continue
[no object] : to travel a long distance
[+ object] : to continue (something) beyond a normal or acceptable limit
see also carry (something) to extremes at 2extreme
[+ object] : to sing (a tune) correctly
[+ object] : to present (a story, sports event, TV show, etc.) to the public
: to cause (a bill or an official proposal) to be passed or adopted
[+ object]
often used as (be) carried
[no object]
[+ object] chiefly US : to win a majority of votes in (a state, legislature, etc.)
[+ object] : to move (a number) from one column to another when you are adding numbers together

be/get carried away

: to be so excited that you are no longer in control of your behavior

carry all/everything before you

: to be completely successful

carry a torch for

see 1torch

carry coals to Newcastle

see coal

carry into effect

see 1effect

carry off

[phrasal verb]
carry off (something) or carry (something) off
: to do (something difficult) successfully : to achieve or accomplish (something)

carry on

[phrasal verb]
: to continue to do what you have been doing
: to continue despite problems
: to behave or speak in an excited or foolish way
see also carryings-on, carry-on
carry on (something)
: to manage or participate in (an activity)
: to continue doing (something)
: to cause (something, such as a tradition) to continue
carry on with (something) : to continue doing or participating in (an activity)
carry on with (someone) chiefly British, old-fashioned : to have an often immoral sexual relationship with (someone)

carry out

[phrasal verb]
carry (something) out or carry out (something)
: to do and complete (something)
: to act on (a promise, plan, etc.) : to do something that you said you would do or that someone has asked you to do
see also carryout

carry over

[phrasal verb]
: to continue to exist or be seen in another place or situation
carry (something) over or carry over (something) : to cause or allow (something) to continue in another place or situation
see also carryover

carry the ball

see 1ball

carry the can

see 2can

carry the day

see day

carry the torch

see 1torch

carry through

[phrasal verb]
: to continue to exist or happen usually + to
: to continue to do something usually + to
carry through with/on (something) US : to do (something that you said you would do)
carry (something) through : to successfully finish or complete (something that you have begun or said you will do)
carry (someone) through : to help or allow (someone) to survive or continue
carry (someone) through (something) : to help or allow (someone) to survive or continue during (a period of time)

fetch and carry

see fetch
2 carry /ˈkeri/ noun
plural carries
2 carry
plural carries
Learner's definition of CARRY
[count] American football
: the act of running with the ball