1 cake /ˈkeɪk/ noun
plural cakes
1 cake
plural cakes
Learner's definition of CAKE
: a sweet baked food made from a mixture of flour, sugar, and other ingredients (such as eggs and butter)
often used before another noun
see picture at baking; see also fruitcake, pound cake, sponge cake, tea cake, upside-down cake
[count] : a mixture of food that has been shaped into a ball or a flat round shape and baked or fried see also fish cake, pancake
[count] : something that is shaped like a rectangular block
[noncount] US, informal : something that is very easy to do see also piece of cake

a slice of the cake

: a portion or share of something

have your cake and eat it too

(US) or British have your cake and eat it
: to have or enjoy the good parts of something without having or dealing with the bad parts

icing on the cake

see icing

take the cake

chiefly US
: to win the prize in a contest used to describe something that is extremely surprising, foolish, annoying, etc.
2 cake /ˈkeɪk/ verb
cakes; caked; caking
2 cake
cakes; caked; caking
Learner's definition of CAKE
[+ object] : to cover something with an outer layer that becomes hard as it dries usually used as (be) caked
[no object] : to become dry and hard