1 button /ˈbʌtn̩/ noun
plural buttons
1 button
plural buttons
Learner's definition of BUTTON
: a small, usually round piece of plastic, glass, metal, etc., that is sewn to a piece of clothing and is pushed through a loop or hole to fasten one part of the clothing to another part
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US : a small, usually round sign that has a picture or words on the front and a pin on the back
◊ People pin buttons to their clothing to show support for a person or idea.
called also (British) badge
: a small part of a machine that you push to make the machine work
: a small area on a computer screen that you click on to make the computer software do something
see also hot button

(as) cute as a button


on the button

US, informal
: exactly at the specified time
: perfectly accurate

push the right buttons

: to do the things that are needed to produce a desired effect or result

push your buttons

: to do or say something just to make you angry or upset
2 button /ˈbʌtn̩/ verb
buttons; buttoned; buttoning
2 button
buttons; buttoned; buttoning
Learner's definition of BUTTON
[+ object] : to attach (a button) by passing it through a hole
[+ object] : to close or fasten (something) with buttons often + up
[no object] : to have buttons for fastening

button it

informal + impolite
used to tell someone to stop talking

button your lip/lips

US, informal or keep your lip/lips buttoned
: to not talk about something