1 bump /ˈbʌmp/ verb
bumps; bumped; bumping
1 bump
bumps; bumped; bumping
Learner's definition of BUMP
[+ object]
: to hit (something, such as part of your body) against an object in a sudden and forceful way often + against or on
: to hit and move (someone or something)
[no object] : to move into or against (someone or something) in a sudden and forceful way
often + up sometimes used figuratively
see also bump into (below), bump up (below)
[+ object]
: to move (someone or something) to a different level, position, rank, etc.
: to remove (someone or something) from a group or position often used as (be) bumped
always followed by an adverb or preposition, [no object] : to move in an up and down motion over a rough surface

bump into

[phrasal verb]
bump into (someone) informal
: to meet (someone) by chance : to see and usually talk to (someone you did not expect to see) see also 1bump 2 (above)

bump off

[phrasal verb]
bump (someone) off or bump off (someone) informal
: to murder (someone)

bump up

[phrasal verb]
bump up (something or someone) or bump (something or someone) up informal
: to move (something or someone) to a higher level, position, rank, etc.
see also 1bump 2 (above)
2 bump /ˈbʌmp/ noun
plural bumps
2 bump
plural bumps
Learner's definition of BUMP
: an area of skin that is raised because it was hit, injured, etc.
see also goose bumps
: a small raised area on a surface often used figuratively in U.S. English
see also speed bump
: an act of something hitting against something else
: the act of pushing the hips forward in a sexual way compare grind