1 bugger /ˈbʌgɚ/ noun
plural buggers
1 bugger
plural buggers
Learner's definition of BUGGER
[count] informal
: an annoying or difficult but usually small thing
chiefly British
offensive : a person (especially a man) who is strongly disliked
: an annoying or playful person or animal
◊ In this sense, bugger is an impolite word that is often used in a loving or friendly way.
2 bugger /ˈbʌgɚ/ verb
buggers; buggered; buggering
2 bugger
buggers; buggered; buggering
Learner's definition of BUGGER
[+ object] British
offensive : to have anal sex with (someone)
informal + impolite used as an interjection to express strong anger, surprise, etc.

bugger about

[phrasal verb] British, informal + impolite or bugger around
: to spend time in a useless or aimless way
bugger (someone) about/around : to cause problems or trouble for (someone)

bugger off

[phrasal verb] British, informal + impolite

bugger up

[phrasal verb]
bugger up (something) or bugger (something) up British, informal + impolite
: to make mistakes in doing or making (something)
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