1 breed /ˈbriːd/ verb
breeds; bred /ˈbrɛd/ ; breeding
1 breed
breeds; bred /ˈbrɛd/ ; breeding
Learner's definition of BREED
[+ object] : to keep and take care of animals or plants in order to produce more animals or plants of a particular kind
[no object] : to produce young animals, birds, etc. : to produce offspring by sexual reproduction
[+ object] : to take care of and teach (a child who is growing up)
usually used as (be) bred
see also breeding, ill-bred, well-bred
[+ object] : to cause or lead to (something)
see also familiarity breeds contempt at familiarity

bred in the bone

used to describe a personal quality that is a deep or basic part of someone's nature
often used as bred-in-the-bone before another noun

— breeder

noun, plural breeders [count]
2 breed /ˈbriːd/ noun
plural breeds
2 breed
plural breeds
Learner's definition of BREED
: a particular kind of dog, cat, horse, etc. : a kind of animal that has been produced by breeding
: a kind of person
see also half-breed