1 bowl /ˈboʊl/ noun
plural bowls
1 bowl
plural bowls
Learner's definition of BOWL
: a round container that has tall, curving sides and that is used for preparing or serving foods and liquids
see picture at place setting; see also mixing bowl, punch bowl
: the food or liquid served in a bowl : the amount of food or liquid served in a bowl
[count] : a part of something that is shaped like a bowl: such as
: the deep, rounded part of a spoon
: the part of a pipe that holds tobacco
[singular] : a valley or area of land that is low and that has higher land around it see also dust bowl
[singular] US : a large stadium or theater that is shaped like a bowl used in names
[count] American football : a game that is played after the regular season between college teams that have been specially invited usually used in names see also super bowl
[count] : a ball used in the game of lawn bowling
bowls [plural] British : lawn bowling
2 bowl /ˈboʊl/ verb
bowls; bowled; bowling
2 bowl
bowls; bowled; bowling
Learner's definition of BOWL
[+ object] : to roll (a ball) towards something especially in the game of bowling or lawn bowling
[no object] : to play the game of bowling
[+ object] : to get (a score) in a game of bowling
[+ object] cricket
: to throw (a ball) to the batsman
: to force (a batsman) to leave the field by throwing a ball that hits the wicket behind the batsman
always followed by an adverb or preposition, [no object] chiefly British : to move or go very quickly

bowl over

[phrasal verb]
bowl (someone or something) over or bowl over (someone or something) : to hit and push down (someone or something) while quickly moving past
bowl (someone) over or bowl over (someone) : to surprise or impress (someone) very much