1 bottle /ˈbɑːtl̟/ noun
plural bottles
1 bottle
plural bottles
Learner's definition of BOTTLE
: a glass or plastic container that has a narrow neck and usually has no handle
◊ Bottles are usually used to store liquid or tablets.
: the amount contained in a bottle
the bottle : alcoholic drink
[count] : a special bottle for feeding babies that contains milk or a drink which contains milk
see also bottle-feed
[noncount] British slang : courage or strength of spirit

bring your own bottle

(US) or British bring a bottle
used to tell the people who are invited to a party that they should bring their own alcoholic drinks

catch/capture lightning in a bottle

see 1lightning

— bottleful

/ˈbɑːtl̟ˌfʊl/ noun [singular]
2 bottle /ˈbɑːtl̟/ verb
bottles; bottled; bottling
2 bottle
bottles; bottled; bottling
Learner's definition of BOTTLE
[+ object]
: to put (something) into a bottle so that it can be sold or so that it is easier to use
British : to put (fruit or vegetables) in a jar using a special procedure that preserves them

bottle out

[phrasal verb] British slang
: to become too afraid to do something : to lose your nerve

bottle up

[phrasal verb]
bottle (something) up or bottle up (something)
: to keep (a feeling or emotion) inside of you instead of expressing it : to hide (a feeling or emotion)

— bottler

noun, plural bottlers [count]