1 bond /ˈbɑːnd/ noun
plural bonds
1 bond
plural bonds
Learner's definition of BOND
[count] : something (such as an idea, interest, experience, or feeling) that is shared between people or groups and forms a connection between them
[count] finance : an official document in which a government or company promises to pay back an amount of money that it has borrowed and to pay interest for the borrowed money
see also junk bond, savings bond
[count] formal : a chain or rope that is used to prevent someone from moving or acting freely usually plural
often used figuratively
[count] : the condition of being held together or joined
[count] chemistry : a force that holds together the atoms in a molecule see also double bond, single bond, triple bond
[count] formal : a promise or agreement to do something
[noncount] chiefly US, law : the amount of money that someone promises to pay if a prisoner who is allowed to leave jail does not return later for a trial or to prison : an agreement to pay bail
2 bond /ˈbɑːnd/ verb
bonds; bonded; bonding
2 bond
bonds; bonded; bonding
Learner's definition of BOND
[+ object] : to join (things) together
[no object] : to join to something else
[no object] : to form a close relationship with someone often + with

— bonding

adjective, always used before a noun