1 better /ˈbɛtɚ/ adjective
1 better
Learner's definition of BETTER
comparative form of 1good or of 2well
: higher in quality
: more skillful
: more attractive, appealing, effective, useful, etc.
◊ Someone or something that has seen/known better days was better in the past than now.
◊ People say the sooner the better, the bigger the better, the faster the better, etc., when they want something to happen as soon as possible, to be as big as possible, to go as fast as possible, etc.
: more morally right or good : more deserving of praise
: improved in health
: happier or more pleased
used to suggest that something should or should not be done

better luck next time

see 1luck

the better part of

see 1part
2 better /ˈbɛtɚ/ adverb
2 better
Learner's definition of BETTER
comparative form of 1well
: in a better way
used to suggest that something should or should not be done
: to a higher or greater degree
: greater in distance or amount : more

had better

◊ If you had better do something, you should do it.
◊ In informal speech, better by itself is often used in this way without had.
3 better /ˈbɛtɚ/ noun
3 better
Learner's definition of BETTER
: something that is better : better behavior

all the better

or so much the better
used to say that something makes a situation, experience, etc., even better than it was

for better or (for) worse

: whether good or bad things happen : no matter what happens

for the better

: so as to produce improvement

get the better of

: to defeat or trick (someone) by being clever
◊ If a feeling or emotion gets the better of you, it causes you to do something that you should not do or that you are trying not to do.

go one better

see 1go

know better

see 1know

think better of

see 1think

your betters

somewhat old-fashioned
: people who are more important than you or who have a higher social position than you
4 better /ˈbɛtɚ/ verb
betters; bettered; bettering
4 better
betters; bettered; bettering
Learner's definition of BETTER
[+ object]
: to make (something) better : improve
: to be or do better than (something or someone) : to improve on (something or someone)

better yourself

: to do things (such as improving your education) that will make you a better or more successful person
5 better
5 better
Learner's definition of BETTER
variant spelling of bettor
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