1 belt /ˈbɛlt/ noun
plural belts
1 belt
plural belts
Learner's definition of BELT
: a band of material (such as leather) that is worn around a person's waist
see color picture on this page; see also black belt, garter belt, safety belt, seat belt
: a band that runs around wheels or other parts in a machine and that is used for moving or carrying something see also fan belt
: a region that has a lot of a particular thing
see also bible belt, sunbelt

below the belt

: too harsh and unfair
◊ The phrase below the belt comes from the sport of boxing, where it is against the rules to hit your opponent anywhere below the belt.

tighten your belt

: to begin to spend less money : to make changes in order to save money
see also belt-tightening

under your belt

: as an achievement or as part of your experience
compare 3belt

— belted

/ˈbɛltəd/ adjective
2 belt /ˈbɛlt/ verb
belts; belted; belting
2 belt
belts; belted; belting
Learner's definition of BELT
[+ object] : to fasten (something) with a belt
[+ object] informal : to hit (someone or something) hard
[+ object] informal : to sing (a song) in a loud and forceful way usually + out
always followed by an adverb, [+ object] US, informal : to drink (something) quickly
always followed by an adverb or preposition, [no object] chiefly British, informal : to move or go at a high speed

belt up

[phrasal verb] British
: to fasten a seat belt in a car or other vehicle
informal : to stop talking
3 belt /ˈbɛlt/ noun
plural belts
3 belt
plural belts
Learner's definition of BELT
[count] informal
: a hard hit
US, informal : a drink of alcohol
compare 1belt
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