1 beat /ˈbiːt/ verb
beats; beat; beaten /ˈbiːtn̩/ or chiefly US beat; beating
1 beat
beats; beat; beaten /ˈbiːtn̩/ or chiefly US beat; beating
Learner's definition of BEAT
: to hit (something) repeatedly
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to hit (someone) repeatedly in order to cause pain or injury
see also beating, beat up (below), beat up on (below)
: to hit (a drum) repeatedly in order to produce music or a signal
[+ object]
[no object]
see also beat the drum for at 1drum
cooking : to stir or mix (something) in a forceful way
[+ object]
[no object]
: to move (wings) with an up and down motion
[+ object]
[no object]
[no object] of the heart : to make the regular movements needed to pump blood
[+ object]
: to defeat (someone) in a game, contest, etc.
◊ People say if you can't beat them, join them or if you can't beat 'em, join 'em when they decide to do what other people are doing and to stop opposing them.
: to do better than (something)
◊ People say can you beat that? when they are surprised or angry about something.
not used in progressive tenses : to be better than (something)
: to control or overcome (something)
: to be too difficult for (someone)
◊ The informal expression (it) beats me means “I don't know.”
[+ object]
: to come, arrive, or act before (someone or something)
: to avoid having problems with (something) by acting earlier

beat a dead horse

see 1horse

beat a path

: to make a path by walking over the ground many times sometimes used figuratively

beat a retreat

: to leave quickly

beat around/about the bush

see bush

beat back

[phrasal verb]
beat back (someone) or beat (someone) back
: to force (someone) to go back or to retreat by fighting

beat down

[phrasal verb]
of the sun : to shine down with great heat and strength
beat (something) down or beat down (something) : to hit (something, such as a door) so that it falls down
often used figuratively
chiefly British
beat (someone) down or beat down (someone) : to cause (someone) to lower a price
beat (a price) down or beat down (a price) : to cause someone to lower (a price)

beat it

: to go away quickly often used as a command

beat off

[phrasal verb]
beat off (someone or something) or beat (someone or something) off : to force (someone or something) to go away by fighting sometimes used figuratively
US, informal + impolite, of a man : masturbate

beat out

[phrasal verb]
beat out (something) or beat (something) out
: to put out (a fire) by beating
baseball : to turn (a ground ball) into a base hit by running fast to first base
beat out (someone or something) or beat (someone or something) out US : to defeat or overcome (a person, team, etc.)

beat someone to the punch

see 2punch

beat the clock

see 1clock

beat the rap

see 1rap

beat up

[phrasal verb]
beat up (someone) or beat (someone) up
: to hurt or injure (someone) by hitting
sometimes used figuratively
see also beat-up

beat up on

[phrasal verb]
beat up on (someone) US, informal
: to hit (someone) repeatedly in order to cause pain or injury : to beat (someone) sometimes used figuratively

to beat the band

see 1band

— beatable

/ˈbiːtəbəl/ adjective
2 beat /ˈbiːt/ noun
plural beats
2 beat
plural beats
Learner's definition of BEAT
[count] : the act of beating
see also heart skips a beat at heart
[singular] : a sound produced by beating
[count] : a loud or strong sound that occurs regularly in music or poetry see also downbeat
[singular] : the regular pattern of sounds in music or poetry : rhythm
[count] : a place or area that someone (such as a policeman) regularly goes to, walks through, or covers as part of a job usually singular

miss a beat

chiefly US
: to have difficulty in continuing : to stop or hesitate briefly
3 beat /ˈbiːt/ adjective
3 beat
Learner's definition of BEAT
not used before a noun informal