1 battery /ˈbætəri/ noun
plural batteries
1 battery
plural batteries
Learner's definition of BATTERY
[count] : a device that is placed inside a machine (such as a clock, toy, or car) to supply it with electricity
see picture at car
[count] : a usually large group of similar people, things, or ideas that work together, are used together, etc.
[count] : a group of two or more big guns used by the military
[noncount] law : the crime of hitting or touching someone in a way that is meant to cause harm or injury see also assault and battery
[count] baseball : the pitcher and catcher on a particular team

recharge your batteries

see recharge
2 battery /ˈbætəri/ adjective
2 battery
Learner's definition of BATTERY
always used before a noun British
: relating to or produced by a type of farming in which animals (such as chickens) are kept in small cages